I was born in Tuscany. I hold a Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures and I am an educational coach, translator, journalist, writer, blogger, I worked for local and national newspapers and magazines. I have always been keen on  literature and fashion so I created 101bags.wordpress.com,  the first Italian site dedicated to the literature-bags binomial, two topics that are seemingly distant but which in reality are intertwined in an indissoluble union. I love theater, travel, shoes, accessories and, of course, bags. In fact, fashion and literature have always been my great passion. There is no beginning, that’s it since I STARTED to be autonomous in reading. Among my favorite classical authors those who I like best are Balzac, Jane Austen, Dostoevsky, Goethe, … since my first encounter with the classics of literature the female characters, created by the brilliant pen of the various writers of the Western tradition, have become for me a source of inspiration. Thanks to a lucky intuition that considers as united apparently distant aspects , the 101bags blog is dedicated to all the fashion followers and serial readers because fashion covers different areas being able to permeate what,  in the first instance, would seem not to belong to its realm.


101bags.wordpress.com will takes you on a journey through fashion and passions. A bag should identify with our imagination, with the daily life that we live or would like to live. We can be passionate about new trends, nostalgic, attentive to etiquette, looking for style, glamour, chic and simple, but we are  always attentive to everything we buy, read, listen, look, we get information and EXCHANGE opinions with friends and we are all definitely able to find among the new fashion pieces those that  make a difference, just like the items you’ll find in 101bags, the first Italian blog dedicated to  bags and literature.

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