Interview to Melina Benetton of Volver up

When I asked Melina Benetton of VOLVER UP for an interview she said she was really glad to be part of my blog. She gave me very interesting answers that highlight her cultural and professional background as well as how she  came to work in the field of fashion. Here is the interview and her answers :

Can you give me a brief description of your artistic and professional background?

I was always attracted by art, when I was 15 I made my first trip to Europe (I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina) and then I decided I would like to live in the “old continent” near to Art with “A”. I used to follow all the great stylist in the 90s : Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Lagerfield, Dior, Valentino…. so I decided I wanted to study something in relation with fashion, but I wanted to have a really open mind, so I studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires. This enabled me to have a 360° vision of design and a creative approach to project. When I finished University i moved to Italy, and I start working as an architect. I complete my studies at the IUAV of Venice in Architettura per il Paesaggio (my second passion is environment and gardening design)Now I finally found the way to flow my creativity vain with Volverup, searching innovative solution for everyday questions. As a “payed hobby” I project and give advice in garden design,  I also teach in a course for older people in Rovereto.


Can you  tell me something about your creative philosophy?

I think it’s time to return to be serious: serious about environment, about the future, about people. I like to spend a lot of time searching for new solutions that take care of our Earth such as transforming waste into new great materials, or take care of people, giving time and work it real value. When making a project I also think how to take care of everyday life, bringing color and joy, but also creating very resistant products to be used in our daily routine.

How was your passion for fashion born?

I remember I used to sew by hand a lot of clothes for my “Tropical Barbie” when I was 8 and I enjoyed it a lot! Then I used to sew outfits for myself when I was 14. I used to be very careful about colors and textures from my very early years, I think now I have always had this passion in my DNA.  I remember  I was incredibly attracted by an enciclopedia in my parents’ library that shows traditional dresses of each community in the world, I remember those colorful dresses from Africa and the Caribbean. Now I like to look beyond great stylists, even if I still find an incredible source of inspiration in traditional costumes from all over the world, especially those uncontaminated from consumerism and advertising.

Melina Benetton of VOLVER UP


Photo  from photographer Alberto Mancini


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