THE PERFECT GIFT FOR A SPECIAL MOTHER’ S DAY : Paula Cademartori’s colourful and smart handbag


Created by Paula Cademartori



Tasty as a wild strawberry the new fuchsia nappa handycrafted handbag is characterized by sand and fresh white reptile inserts with stones and plexi buckle. Paula Cademartori’s handbag is the right choice for every mother-woman, either classic or modern, every woman will feel the power of being a wonderful Mother! 




Adele Ratignolle

A mother is a person with special gifts : a thousand arms and a thousand eyes and a thousand legs”



Adèle Ratignolle is one of the best examples of the embodiment of the “ mother- woman”; she is the confidente of Edna Pointellier, the main character of Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening. She is beautiful, plump, golden-haired, completely feminine and utterly possessed by her motherhood : “She had long wished to try herself on Madame Ratignolle. Never had that lady seemed a more tempting subject than at that moment, seated there like some sensuous Madonna, with the gleam of the fading day enriching her splendid color.”

Adèle represents the Victorian feminine ideal, the woman who idolizes her children and worships her husband, centering her life around caring for them and performing her domestic duties. She is constantly sewing little garments for her children, both born and unborn :” Madame Ratignolle folded her sewing, placing thimble, scissors, and thread all neatly together in the roll, which she pinned securely. She complained of faintness. Mrs. Pontellier flew for the cologne water and a fan.”

A devoted wife and mother, the epitome of nineteenth-century womanhood, Adèle spends her days caring for her children, performing her domestic duties, and ensuring the happiness of her husband. She seems to be always pregnant, which makes her similar to Lynette Scavo, one of the most important character in the fortunate TV series Desperate Housewives, but differently from Lynette Adèle is comfortable and happy with her simple, conformist existence because she still views a woman’s life in terms of the service she performs for her family and society. Having just given birth to another child, Adèle still represents the ideal Victorian woman, whereas Lynette represents the modern woman who, besides being a mother, is also a companion, a wife, a worker, a housewife, a nurse,a driver, a story teller and the Queen of multitasking!

Adèle makes no effort in conducting her household and she shows no change or growth from the beginning of the novel to its end. On the contrary, Lynette Scavo represents the modern career mother-woman who is always busy and striving to reconcile her double role of mother and working woman. Like Adèle she cares about her children but, differently from her, she doesn’t seem to be very comfortable with her role in life. Adèle is always calm and even when she walks she has “ the grace and majesty which queens are sometimes supposed to possess.” Lynette is known for being super controlling with a tendency to “slightly berate people she holds dear to her heart”. Like Adèle, she has got four children but unlike her, Lynette is a stressed and controlling housewife and mother. When Lynette became a mother her husband suggested it would be a good idea to quit her job since “Kids do better with stay at home moms” . Her husband tells her that staying at home “ would be so much less stressful.”  But this is not the case. In fact, Lynette who used to see herself as a successful career woman and was known for her power lunches, her eye-catching presentations and her ruthlessness in wiping out the competition, now leads such a hectic life that she is forced to get her fried chicken from a fast food restaurant. Lynette would appreciate the irony if she stopped to think about it. But she can’t, she doesn’t have the time. Just like any modern Mom!


Valentina C.


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