Indomitable urban Valkyrie bag with handmade chain




Style, character and pride in a bag with a used effect: the grittier passe-partout of Spring 2015, the Santa Fe  bag belongs to the collection of Silent People, a group of Italian craftsmen who, motivated by the desire to exalt  the Italian manufacture, taste and  creativity, have chosen to work with recycled materials. Their creations are therefore unique pieces entirely handmade  that employ materials such as leather jackets from the 50s to the 80s, hemp army cots of the Italian army dating back to 1920, bridles and horse bits also dating back to 1920 or Austrian military gaiters. Observing the bag Santa Fe, I instinctively associated it to a female literary character born from the creative mind of Ludovico Ariosto, one of the most important authors of the Italian Renaissance





A warrior with a romantic soul

She is vigorous and much more beautiful;

nor her famous name I want to hide:

Bradamante was the one who removed

what ever honor you have gained in the world.

The woman who chooses this unique piece is beautiful, strong, strong-willed, a true metropolitan warrior that will not go unnoticed. Proud and self-confident woman whose personality is similar to that represented by the urban style bag is a modern urban Valkyrie, a manly female rider whith a romantic soul that, even with arms in hand, is not invincible to the lure of love. The beautiful and valiant Bradamante, champion of France is in love with Ruggiero, valiant Saraceno knight, and before her novel comes to the loving happy solution, she will have to overcome physical obstacles and inner torments, divided by an agonizing feeling of love-hate for the ‘ man who, in her view, betrays her. Four or five days before the deadline for Ruggiero’s  return  Bradamante is anxious, unable to sleep, sleepless, on those boring feathers, then gets out of bed, opens the window waiting for the new day . Then, when the days have passed, not knowing that Ruggiero lies wounded and unable to move, she starts feeling the pangs of jealousy. She blames herself for her weakness caused by love and suspects that Ruggiero is in love with the superb Marfisa, his companion of heroic deeds. However, not wanting to give up the doubts that have attacked and tortured her for so long, like a modern heroine, Bradamante sets off to look for the man she loves.

When along the way she learns that Ruggiero was wounded in battle and, cured by the female warrior Marfisa he fell in love with her, the romantic warrior’s soul sinks into despair again. Jealousy makes her almost insane but, driven by her fighting spirit, Bradamante decides to go in search of the man she loves and, when she finally finds him, fully armed as any champion, she sends the faithful Ferraù to challenge Ruggiero. He, however, reveals to Ruggiero the identity of the challenger and the valiant knight, freezing at the thought that the woman’s love has turned into contempt, hesitates to take the field. Marfisa, seeing him already armed, does not hesitate to go to the place of the duel, but when the two women are facing, Bradamante realizes that her opponent is just the one she is jealous of, not  knowing that Marfisa is actually Ruggiero’s sister. Spurred by jealousy she clashes with what the woman she believes to be her rival, then she sees Ruggiero, recognizing the armor and, admiring him for his beauty and his value, thinking in despair of not being loved by himanymore, she meditates to challenge hi . But in the end love prevails, and approaching  to him, instead of attacking him, she  says “I’ll die if I do not speak to you: alas, did I do anything wrong to you?”

Mysteriously  from a tomb near the place of the duel  rises the voice of the Wizard Atlas that reveals the truth about the relationship between Ruggiero and Marfisa and Bradamante understands  that her jealousy is unwarranted.

There would seem to be no more obstacles to the love of the two warriors but, in Paris, Roger learns that Amone and Beatrice, the father and mother of Bradamante, strongly opposed to their marriage and promised to give their daughter in marriage to the rich Leone, son of Constantine, emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. The young Saracen knight sets off to  Bulgaria to challenge his rival but he is captured and imprisoned.

Aware of her value as a warrior, the beautiful  Bradamante convinces Charlemagne to hold a tournament where she will fight against her suitors and will only marry the one  who will manage to win over her. believing that she’s fighting against Leone, the fair Bradamante doesn’t  know that in reality it is Ruggiero. This latter has been freed  from the emperor’s son and wants to return the favor by fighting for him. The woman thinks she’s fighting against the emperor’s son, so she fights valiantly and with great skill trying to hit the opponent, who, on the contrary,  only tries to defend himself without hitting her. however he still manages to win in favor of the rival . But when Leo discovers how great is Ruggiero’s love  for Bradamante, he decides to give up spontaneously to her thus favoring the union of the two young warriors.



“Women, knights, arms, loves, … I sing …”

These are the  unforgettable opening words of Orlando Furioso, a chivalrous poem composed of 46 songs and published for the first time in 1532. Skillfully transformed into a “contemporary novel” by the author this literary work is the representation of the the Ambitions and passions of the Renaissance man. It is based on the opening towards reality and a deep knowledge of the contradictory nature of man.

Agramant, the Saracen king, invades France and Paris but,  after some victories, he is forced to retreat and then finally exiled to the island of Lipadusa, where three champions of the two armies: Orlando, Brandimart and Oliviero for Christians; Agramante, Sobrino and Gradasso for Saracens face off.

Angelica, a beautiful woman loved by  two Christians cousins, Orlando and Rinaldo,  was  sent by Charlemagne to Nemo, the Duke of Bavaria, and promised in marriage to the man who will defeat Argalia, Prince of Cathay and brother of Angelica, in a combat.

Ferraù, a pagan knight, kills Argalia and it is at this point that  Angelica escapes from the camp, pursued by many warriors as well as Orlando and Rinaldo.

During her flight she meets a young pagan, Medoro, with whom she falls in love and escapes. The two lovers write their names on a tree and, when Orlando arrives at the place where the couple had placed the incision, he is shocked and goes crazy. With his mind clouded by madness, Orlando wanders through France and Spain, and he even crosses the Strait of Gibraltar swimming.

Meanwhile the warrior Astolfo, after putting down the hippogriff, a winged horse, flies to the moon, where there is Orlando’s wisdom. Then he goes to Africa, makes Orlando smell the ampoule, which contains his wisdom and he regains it.

 In the meanwhile Angelica and Medoro flee to Cathay.

 Roger, a Saracen warrior, and Bradamante, sister of Rinaldo love each other but their love The love is hindered by the magician Atlas, who wants to avoid the marriage between the two, because he wants to protect him from love. The warrior, then, is imprisoned in an enchanted castle created by the wizard. When Roger is freed,  the marriage between the two warriors takes place, but, during the banquet,  Rodomonte (Prince of Algiers) challenges Roger to a duel, after accusing him of having denied his faith, to marry a Christian. However he is defeated and killed.

by Valentina C.

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