Romantic and elegant, the grey Belle Époque Era handbag is an undeniable accessory for modern women.


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She gave him another sort of smile, just a trifle roguish; she lowered her eyelids for a second and then raising them gazed at him for a little with that soft expression that people described as her velvet look. She had no object in doing this. She did it, if not mechanically, from an instinctive desire to please. The boy was so young, so shy, he looked as if he had such a nice nature, and she would never see him again, she wanted him to have his money’s worth; she wanted him to look back on this as one of the great moments of his life.

Spring has come and our journey in the new season starts in neutral tones, perfect to emphasize a daily but extremely elegant style.  Increasingly important and less considered as co-stars, our handbags are the indispensable touch that adds charm and character to any outfit.

A bag can make the difference between “a” look and “the” look, as this lovely French chic handbag inspired by the Belle Époque Era in Europe, the “ Beautiful Era” of romance and looking at the world through “ rose colored glasses”. The grey bag is adorned with vintage Belgian lace, antique lace, lace rosettes, glass “pearl” beads, crystal beads, mother of pearl button and brass fleur de leis. The brass button closure on the bag is a Paris antique with manufacture markings on the back. The bag is approximately 11 inches by 9 inches wide and single strap measures 42 inches end to end.

Details have been accurately chosen and, together with antique lace, they immediately make this bag  so chic and original that you will look like a lovely lady of the Belle Époque Era just like the one in the photo. She must be dreaming of romance and maybe she’s a prima donna, just like the female main character of the novel Theatre written by W. S. Maugham, published for the first time in 1937.

The woman portrayed on the photograph takes us back in time when Paris was the city of well-being and happiness during the years between the two wars, a period of  joy which invested mainly the French capital.

The woman is Julia Lambert, an extraordinary theater actress, whose gaze betrays a romantic personality, highlighted by the lace pink and light blue rosettes sewn next to the photo. In fact, pink and light blue are her favorite colors which are also prevalent in her bedroom. “The bed and the dressing-table were upholstered in pink silk, the chaise-longue and the armchair in Nattier blue; over the bed there were fat little gilt cherubs who dangled a lamp with a pink shade, and fat little gilt cherubs swarmed all round the mirror on the dressing-table. On satinwood tables were signed photographs, richly framed, of actors and actresses and members of the royal family. The decorator had raised his supercilious eyebrows, but it was the only room in the house in which Julia felt completely at home. She wrote her letters at a satinwood desk, seated on a gilt Hamlet stool.”

Julia is a romantic but also a modern woman whose personality is marked by contrasting traits: confident but humble at the same time, fascinating but serious, punctual and a tireless worker. The grey color of the bag, therefore, is well suited to Julia’s  goodwill and strong determination and just like her, the grey bag inspired by the Belle Époque, is simple and elegant, embellished with old-fashioned details that make of it  the center and circumference of all things, just like Julia who radiates strength, energy and passion. Yes, because Julia is also a sentimental woman who always seems about to fall: in a mediocre marriage, in a love relationship with a guy who is twenty years younger than her, in plots by novices hoping to steal the scene. But Julia is an actress who definitely knows how to charm her audience. The adoring audience that fills the halls and congregate in the dressing room and the audience that  willingly subdues to her in private life. Though not being similar to any of them, Julia Lambert has some common traits to actresses like Eleonora Duse and Sarah Bernhardt who are excellent, full of charm, beauty and intelligence.  She has got everything. She’s the right height, she has got a good figure, she has got an indiarubber face. That’s the face an actress wants. The face that can look anything, even beautiful, the face that can show every thought that passes through the mind. That’s the face Duse’s got. Her silken skin and hazel eyes full of languor will impress you and her name, which sounds like a music that catches you and never leaves you, is simply and immensely JULIA.



“I shall never in all my life have another moment like this. I’m not going to share it with anyone”  

Saying these words Julia leaves the theatre where she has just shown all her talents and skills, playing brilliantly. She finally feels happy because she has found her own identity and she now feels free of being simply Julia, not just a role she has played. She fells free from the chains of love and now she prefers being alone because she is delighted even without it.

Julia Lambert is one of the best and brilliant actresses in London who in  her late fourties has everything – beauty, money, fame… She is married to Michael Gosselyn, is a really reliable and handsome man and she also has an adult son, Roger.

In the beginning of her carrier Julia starts playing in Jimmy’s troupe, where she meets Michael Gosselyn who seems to her divinely beautiful. Julia falls in love with him at first sight. However he proves to be absolutely deprived of temperament both at the stage. Though being very sweet and womanly Julia has a warmth, a force of character, and a bubbling vitality which, together with her genius, make of her a woman of character.

Easy to get on and very clever “one could talk to her about anything in the world”. Her large dark brown eyes, her lovely figure, her beautiful long legs, her charming face and her talent as a born actress arouse the interest of Thomas Fennel, the poor accountant hired by Julia’s husband. Tom is twenty years younger than Julia but he feels attracted to her  so one day he invites her to  have a cup of tea. Though being a pattern of conjugal fidelity, Julia agrees to visit him but only because she knows how much he admires her as an actress. However she doesn’t love Michael anymore so when the poor clerk kisses her ardently she feels younger and in some time, with horror, she understands that she has desperately fallen in love.

Without showing her feelings to Tom, she tries to bind him to herself. Julia knows he is a snob, so she lets him enter the high society, gives him expensive gifts,  pays off his debts and buys a a flat in order to have him closer to her.

Julia forgets about her age, so while on vacation Tom  naturally prefers to spend his time with her son, Roger, which really hurts her. Julia has an argument with Tom, but she is so afraid to lose him that finally she does everything to make it up.

Julia feels so involved in her relationship that she doesn’t care about gossips but during a conversation with Dolly de Vries, who also gossips about her, she learns that being absolutely sure that she will agree, Tom has promised Avice Crichton, a young lady he has fallen in love with,  a role at the Siddons theater.

Julia hardly manages to conceal her emotions when she realizes that Tom doesn’t love her, but he is just using her. And the most frustrating thing for her is that he has preferred a third-rate actress to her!

Julia is  a sensitive idealistic nature so she goes through disappointment but she is also a determined, independent woman and a great actress who  thinks over every detail, every scene of her life , not only on the stage.

She promises Tom to give Avice a role while she’s already thinking about taking revenge. Julia doesn’t let anybody put her aside so when on the day of a première she casually faces Tom she realizes that she doesn’t love him anymore  thus regaining her self-esteem .
She shows all her talents and skills, playing brilliantly and putting an end to Avice’s career. Dolly arranges a magnificent reception in Julia’s honor Michael is sincerely delighted and Tom, having forgotten about Avice Crichton, admires her again. Julia`s triumph has finally come.

by Valentina C.

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    L’inglese lo capisco piuttosto bene, ma di parlarlo o scriverlo non sono poi così capace XD

    Un oggetto davvero interessante, molto elegante e grazioso ^^
    Complimenti per l’ottimo articolo ^^

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