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101bags.wordpress.com will takes you on a journey through fashion and passions. A bag should identify with our imagination, with the daily life that we live or would like to live.
We can be passionate about new trends, nostalgic, attentive to etiquette, looking for style, glamour, chic and simple, but we are  always attentive to everything we buy, read, listen, look, we get information and EXCHANGE opinions with friends and we are all definitely able to find among the new fashion pieces those that  make a difference, just like the items you’ll find in 101bags, the first Italian blog dedicated to  bags and literature.


We were born as bloggers and we feel deeply satisfied with our work. We help companies to acquire followers and “likes “, not purchased but real “likes”! this strategy is aimed at acquiring customers for your shop page. This is our latest job… what do you think about it? http://www.silentpeoplebags.com

The first week of our digital marketing service is completely free; once the results will be demonstrated you will be able to decide whether the service we offer is effective and if you like it, please send an email to the following address 101bags.a.story@gmail.com for further information.

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