Interview to Paula Cademartori

Interview to Paula Cademartori

Paula Cademartori‘s first exclusive interview for 101bags!

Give me a brief description of your artistic and professional background.

I was born in Brazil where I studied industrial design, then my first job experience was in jewels. This background has been crucial: I’ve always been fascinated by the study and construction of objects and this prompted me to undertake these studies. The concepts behind the design of any object are also the starting points on which I build my collections of bags and now even my shoes, which are not only designed to be aesthetically beautiful but also functional.

  Tell me something about your creative philosophy.

As I’m a very curious person, I am interested in the most diverse creativity fields from art, music, cinema, literature; I love collecting images on my phone and I’m also used to go to the most important trade fairs to get new sources of inspiration and proposals.

When I create a new collection my view on everything is very personal and unique. I just interpret my emotions and translate them in shapes, colors and textures.

I think that the bag should be first of all functional cause we carry it with us all day long, but at the same time should make you feel beautiful, allowing you to be noticed without showing off! Details are the main guide for a beautiful accessory and I put that feeling on my pieces with many recognizable elements: first of all  the buckle – wich is the brand’s logo – but also the handle woven leather, the clean lines and the geometric cuts. My bag collection has to convey the message that the accessory is something meant to last over time: contemporary, refined, cosmopolitan and sophisticated.

 Answer the following question : “ How was your passion for fashion born?”

I have always been interested in fashion and above all in accessories since I was a child. I still remember when I used to spend long afternoons playing in my grandmother’s closet with her dresses, jewels and accessories. Then this simple “game” has become a dream to realize.

Paula Cademartori

Paula Cademartori_1

Dove posso acquistare le borse Cademartori?

10 CORSO COMO10, Corso Como20154 Milano

ANNA RAVAZZOLICorso Genova, 1620123 Milano

ANTONIAVia Cusani, 5Milano

ANTONIA BOUTIQUEViale Dante 13/15/1747838 Riccione

AXLEPiazza del Popolo, 23Albenga

BAGHEERAVia G. Antonelli 26, ParioliRoma

BLACK Via Camillo Benso Cavour, 9648121 Ravenna




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